Why such amazing results? Because some doctors call this, “The little pill that could end high blood sugar.”
Guaranteed to END your high blood sugar worries…or it’s FREE!

The world’s leading doctors, scientists and medical experts all agree with me…

“The Mother of All Health Disasters is Untamed Blood Sugar!

“No health problem is more damaging to your heart, brain, kidneys, eyes and limbs.

Yet no health problem can be more easily reversed with natural medicine, especially with what I call “The End of High Blood Sugar” Formula!”

Special Report by Devin Mikles, M.D., Pioneer in natural medicine

Dr. Mikles

Dear Concerned Friend,

If you or a loved one are concerned about high blood sugar, I have some new information that will be both frightening and life-saving to you.

First, the chilling news.

  • Nearly HALF of all hospital patients are ravaged by uncontrolled blood sugar! For example, at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, nearly HALF of all patients are there for amputations, failing hearts, kidney transplants, strokes or nerve damage caused by diabetes.
  • High blood sugar can damage your brain! Doctors from University of Pennsylvania Perleman School of Medicine warn high blood sugar can damage blood vessels in your brain and cause brain-cell degeneration. 
  • Your risk of a heart or brain “disaster” jumps 400%! WebMD warns high blood sugar problems multiply your risk of heart disease or stroke four times.
  • Through-the-roof blood sugar leads to an early grave! The American Diabetes Association reports that diabetes could actually lower the life expectancy of Americans for the first time in a century. Other research warns diabetes may shave 5 to 10 years off your life!
Gluco Harmony
“Every day, 230 people have their toes or legs sawed off” due to skyrocketing blood sugar!
— Centers for Disease Control

But what’s even more terrifying is…

…serious damage can be already happening to your organs right now even if you’re not diabetic or even if your blood sugar numbers are not off the charts!

That’s right. Even slightly elevated blood sugar can put you at grave risk. For example, The National Diabetes Education Program reports…

Gluco Harmony
  • In one study, individuals without diabetes who had blood glucose levels of 140 mg/dl had already suffered nerve damage…
  • Plus, after just one hour of having high blood sugar levels, researchers discovered known markers of heart disease in non-diabetic test subjects
  • The truth is, diabetes symptoms are not always obvious, and it typically takes 7 to 10 years before diabetes is diagnosed…years that can silently ravage your body.
  • It’s a TSUNAMI of blood-sugar gone-wild due to food spiked with sugars, carbs and fats… overeating… and lack of exercise!
  • Is it any wonder that the Centers for Disease Control report 25.8 million Americans are diabetic and another 79 million are pre-diabetic?
“Even slightly elevated blood sugar can put you at grave risk.”

The No. 1 risk factor for diabetes is not obesity, family history, ethnicity or a sedentary lifestyle. It’s pre-diabetes.

Lifescript reports, “Pre-diabetes has no symptoms. But your body, especially your heart and circulatory system, may already be suffering long-term damage.”

And you may be at high risk of pre-diabetes if you’re suffering from these lesser known signs, such as sugar cravings… constipation… breathing difficulties at night... muscle weakness… gum problems… high blood pressure or high triglycerides… urination or bowel movement problems… even sexual dysfunction.


Dr. Mikles M.D.

“Persistently high sugar
levels behave like a
slow-acting poison.”


Left unchecked dangerously high glucose
can wreak havoc on your heart, nerves,
eyes, kidneys and limbs leading to
devastating damage.

But, here’s life-saving news…

As a medical doctor who believes in the power of natural medicine, I want to let you in on a secret my fellow natural practitioners and I share:

The health problem we have most success at reversing is high blood sugar! And as you’ll see, the numbers don’t lie!

Even better, in this Special Report, you’re going to discover my No. 1 recommendation for undoing years of “blood-sugar-gone wild” and its disastrous health consequences.

As you’ll see, for the first time ever, nine of nature’s most powerful nutrients, herbs and minerals for conquering high blood sugar have been combined into one unique formula.

And the results have been so astonishing for those who’ve taken it, I call it “The End of High Blood Sugar” Formula.

In a moment, you’ll discover how this amazing natural breakthrough, Gluco Harmony, can help you get control of your blood sugar and reverse the blood sugar nightmare before it’s too late.

“My blood sugar dropped from 140 to 79!”
Could this astonishing scientific discovery mean the END of high blood sugar?

The alternative news magazine Nexus reports, “Greed and dishonest science have promoted a lucrative worldwide epidemic of high blood sugar.”

The truth is, if you depend solely on orthodox medicine, you will likely see your blood sugar problems rapidly worsen, leading to accelerated aging… disability… and even premature death.

But now, science reveals how you can quickly reverse high blood sugar

Simply put, diabetes occurs when your body’s blood sugar control mechanism gets out of whack. Your pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or your body can’t properly use it.

The result? Glucose (sugar that’s the main source of fuel for your body) builds up in your blood, while your cells are starving for it—and every organ in your body pays the price.

But now, scientists have discovered that certain high powered nutrients, herbs and minerals can help restore your body’s natural blood sugar control mechanism—the exact kind found in Gluco Harmony.

Pterocarpus marsupium

Bitter MelonFor example, bitter melon, a tropical fruit grown in Africa and Asia, helps re-activate your pancreatic cells so they make more insulin.

And the gum resin found in Pterocarpus marsupium, a large tree grown in India, is the only herb ever found to regenerate beta cells that produce insulin in the pancreas.

What’s the first thing you’ll notice when you “reset” your body’s blood sugar control mechanism back to NORMAL and produce more insulin?

Your fasting blood sugar will drop like a rock!

Try Gluco Harmony Risk-Free!

“Because high sugar levels are everywhere, the body can be damaged anywhere.”WebMD


Imagine lowering your A1c blood level,

“My A1c dropped over 2%!
Could Gluco Harmony mean no more fear of high A1c levels?

It’s one thing to lower fasting blood sugar level. But it’s even better if you can also lower your A1c blood level— the average of your blood sugar over 2 to 3 months.

A1c (also known as glycated hemoglobin) measures the amount of glucose attached to your red blood cells, glucose that your body doesn’t store or use for energy.

The higher your blood sugar level, the more hemoglobin you’ll have with sugar attached.

The problem is, too much hemoglobin is disastrous!

It puts your vital organs in grave danger!

The higher your A1c, the greater your chances of suffering long-term damage to your kidneys, eyes and feet.

Worse, if things spiral out of control and your blood sugar is consistently high, you open the door for a heart or brain catastrophe… kidney failure… vision problems… and numbness in your legs and feet.

For non-diabetics, normal A1c is between 4% and 6%. Most people with diabetes should aim for a score of 7% or lower.

And, just a 1% drop in A1c can dramatically reduce your risk of organ damage 40%—and this can be lifesaving!

Gluco Harmony helps you conquer high A1c

As you restore your body’s natural blood sugar control with Gluco Harmony, your A1c levels will fall, too.

This is possible because this unique formula includes Gymnema sylvestre, a tropical plant of the milkweed family. According to the American Association of Integrative Medicine, preliminary clinical studies show that this herb lowers A1c.

In addition, Gluco Harmony includes cinnamon, a spice clinically shown to reduce A1c levels. 

Need more proof?

Try Gluco Harmony Risk-Free!

But there’s more. Gluco Harmony can help end your worst symptoms of high blood sugar…

Mary J., Wyoming

“Gluco Harmony has been a Godsend to me.
No more racing, skipping heartbeat… no more passing out after eating… no more raging hunger.” —Mary J., Wyoming

What proves that a natural formula for high blood sugar really works? Two things:

Does it reduce out-of-control blood sugar numbers, especially fasting blood sugar and A1c?

Does it reduce, even eliminate, the symptoms of blood-sugar-gone wild?

With Gluco Harmony, the answers are a resounding, “YES!” Remarkable results you’ll feel and see

You know the problems of high blood sugar, such as…

  • Extreme fatigue…
  • Numb or tingling toes and feet…
  • Unstoppable sweet cravings…
  • Unwanted fat…
  • Dry mouth…
  • Uncomfortable bloating after meals…
  • Sleepiness…
  • Blurry vision…
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • And other nagging symptoms

But with the help of Gluco Harmony, most or all of these symptoms will be ancient history! Imagine…

—Mumtaz D., California
No more fatigue!
“I just used Gluco Harmony and I feel the difference in my body. I’m not tired anymore, and I have more energy. Thank you so much.”
—Mumtaz D., California

—Mumtaz D., CaliforniaNo more numbness or pain!
“I have been taking Gluco Harmony one month and I can honestly say it’s a god send... in two weeks my lab work was better. I sleep better and the soles of my feet are not as numb anymore. My eyes are not as painful, and I have kept the weight off.”
—Cynthia C, Michigan
John L., HawaiiNo more unwanted fat!
“I lost ten pounds in three weeks, and the doctor’s nurse wanted to know what I was taking. I told her Gluco Harmony. She asked me because I have never lost that many pounds in such a short time.
—John L., Hawaii
Walter M., VirginiaNo more tingling!
“Before I started taking Gluco Harmony, I would get a tingling sensation in my fingers and toes. After taking Gluco Harmony for only a few days the tingling is totally gone. After taking Gluco Harmony for 30 days it seems my vision is a bit sharper. Great product!”
—Walter M., Virginia

Medical doctor loves his balanced blood sugar, and no more bloating, belching or body aches!

“I am a 72-year-old physician and my fasting blood sugar was staying at 125. I was then placed on an oral extended release medication. It helped my blood sugar to be in balance, but the side effects of bloating, belching, body aches and fatigue became unacceptable. I put myself on Gluco Harmony and my blood sugar is in balance and side effects are minimal or none. Thanks.”
—Dr. S.O., Texas


Why such grateful comments?

Because Gluco Harmony works naturally with your body to restore its blood sugar control mechanism. This means ending most or all of the symptoms of blood-sugar-gone-wild, but without harmful side effects.

How? Because Gluco Harmony includes Banaba leaf, an herb that been used in traditional natural medicine to control blood sugar. One two-week clinical study(2) reported in The Journal of Ethnopharmacology showed that subjects with blood sugar problems who took 32 and 49 mg of a standardized banaba leaf extract saw blood glucose levels fall up to 30%.

Gluco Harmony also includes Holy Basil, a prized and sacred herb native to India. In one study(3) at Azad University, Kanpur, India reported subjects taking holy basil experienced reduction of fasting blood sugar of 17.6% and after meal blood sugar of 7.3%.

Why haven’t you heard much about these powerful blood sugar lowering herbs? The answer may surprise, even shock you…

(2)Judy, W. V. et al. Journal of Ethnopharmocology, 2003
(3)Agrawal, P, et al. Int. J Clin Pharmacol Ther 34(9), 1996

Try Gluco Harmony Risk-Free!

Pre-diabetes not to be taken lightly!

Major medical center warns: “Without intervention, pre-diabetes is likely to become diabetes in 10 years or less… and the long term damage may already be starting.”


According to the National Diabetes Education Program…

“79 million U.S. adults aged 20 and over have pre-diabetes”
It’s shameful, but millions of people have suffered…yet most people don’t even know it!

If you gave me $1 for every half truth, falsehood or lie I’ve heard from the Medical Establishment about treating high blood sugar, I’d be a rich man.

The fact is, you’re not getting the whole story because of one word: GREED! Treating diabetes is BIG BUSINESS, a $114 billion-a-year industry by 2016.

But now, let me give you the real story behind…


5 deadly high blood sugar deceptions

Most people who are prediabetic or diabetic are in the dark about treating these problems successfully because they’ve been told these falsehoods…


Deadky Deception #1

High blood sugar problems are “irreversible.”

Sadly, many people battling high blood sugar problems settle for “maintenance”—hoping their blood sugar doesn’t get worse.

But what if you could significantly lower your fasting blood sugar? It’s all possible with the Gluco Harmony breakthrough formula.

Mae T. of Georgia proves this point, “I’ve been taking Gluco Harmony for two months, and it immediately brought my blood sugar down from 235 to 100.”


Deadky Deception #1

The answer is always more drugs and more shots*.

Prescription drugs and insulin shots don’t work for everybody. That’s why scores of people like Thomas O. from Colorado are turning to Gluco Harmony to give their efforts a kick-in-the-pants.

He gratefully writes, “I used prescription drugs, but they were unable to keep my A1c level where my doctor wanted it. Then I started taking Gluco Harmony, and it lowered my A1c blood glucose level to better than acceptable levels. I’m sold.”


Deadky Deception #1

It’s a long, slow, hard process to improve your blood sugar.

You know the drill: Exercise more and eat healthier.

But now, there’s an easier and faster solution: Gluco Harmony.

Joyce P. of New York writes, “Gluco Harmony works in about 15-20 minutes. You can feel the relief in your body immediately. The sluggish feeling and sleepiness are stopped in their tracks. I love this product.”

“What if you could enjoy healthy, balanced, normal blood sugar levels most or all of the time? That’s all possible with the help of Gluco Harmony.”


Deadky Deception #1

Tragically, most people just live with wild blood sugar swings.

Tragically, many people just “grin and bear it” when it comes to wild blood sugar swings. But what if you could enjoy healthy, balanced, normal blood sugar levels most or all of the time? That’s all possible with the help of Gluco Harmony.

Lydia G. of Missouri puts it this way, Gluco Harmony is like an answer to my prayers. It helps keep my blood sugar balanced and in a short time I got off all medications.”


Deadky Deception #1

You must give up all your favorite foods.

You’ve heard it all. No sugar. No soda. No desserts. No red meat. No fun!

Yes, eating healthier is one key to great blood sugar numbers, but now, with Gluco Harmony, you don’t have to miss out on all your
favorite meals or snacks.

Frances F. of North Carolina thankfully writes, “My blood sugar was just above normal when I ordered Gluco Harmony. Two blood tests later my blood sugar is normal, and I eat to a large degree whatever I want. Bon appètit!”

Why such stunning success with Gluco Harmony? Continue reading for the surprising answer…


Molly H., Florida.

“Gluco Harmony keeps my blood sugar at a normal number. No pills or shots. I eat right and exercise.”
— Molly H., Florida.

Enjoy great blood sugar numbers without more doctors, more medications or more shots!

One of the most remarkable things about Gluco Harmony is people all across America are enjoying better blood sugar the safe and natural way.

In fact, with just a little help from this breakthrough natural product, they’re reporting results like these…

Elidia Z., Montana
At last, the results I’ve always wanted!
“I am 87 years old and a diabetic. For a long time I took prescription medicine, but never could lower my blood sugar. I started taking Gluco Harmony, and at my next appointment my doctor told me my blood sugar is fine.”
—Elidia Z., Montana

—Mumtaz D., California
Gotten off insulin!
“My blood sugar would not level out. It might be 100 on one day and 300 the next. I was taking one 1,000 mg metformin twice a day and two glyberide twice a day, plus a shot of 40 mg of lantus at night. Since taking Gluco Harmony my sugar has leveled out and I have gotten off the shot. I feel 100% better.”*
—Douglas P., Tennessee

—Mumtaz D., California

A better solution!

“Gluco Harmony works better than prescription drugs I’ve used.”
—Rodolfo, T., Louisiana

—Mumtaz D., California

Natural all the way!

Gluco Harmony has helped me maintain my blood sugar so that I can stay off prescription drugs. Thank you.”
—James K., Wisconsin


How can Gluco Harmony give you better blood sugar?

Because it includes Curcumin, the active ingredient found in the herbal spice turmeric. Curcumin is vital since it reduces oxidative stress, shown in research to lead to insulin resistance(4). In addition, curcumin repairs the damage excess glucose can cause to small blood vessels of your eyes, kidneys and heart.

Gluco Harmony also includes Fenugreek seeds, from a medicinal plant grown in south eastern Europe and western Asia. It’s rich in dietary fiber, which helps slow the absorption of sugar and helps improve blood sugar levels.

But besides all of the great blood sugar benefits you’ll enjoy with Gluco Harmony, there’s one other thing it can do for you that may be the most important of all…

(4) PMIC 1261664, Maritim AC, et al. J Biochem Mol Toxicol 2003


Oralia V

This Texas woman was at the end of her rope. But now…
“With Gluco Harmony, I’m a totally new person!” — Oralia V.

If you had seen Oralia V. of Texas some time ago, you’d know why high blood sugar was a living nightmare.

She writes, “My blood sugar level was 335, and I was forced to take prescription drugs. The drug intake resulted in heart palpitations and kidney pain.”

But then, by a stroke of good fortune, Oralia discovered Gluco Harmony.

Now, she happily writes, “I’ve been on Gluco Harmony for about a year now, and I’m a totally new person, with blood sugar levels of 120 to 140.

“I can honestly say I can eat anything I want in moderation. I feel great, no worries about blood sugar levels and no side effects. I highly recommend this product.”

More modern day miracles

Linda S., California
Deliver what you promise!
“Gluco Harmony is remarkable! Being diabetic, I experienced weight gain around the middle, problems with carbs, uncomfortable bloating after meals. After taking this for about three days, I noticed significant changes: Stomach flatter, no more problems eating carbs, more stamina and energy. I did not think a natural product could ever be this great! You definitely delivered on your promises!”
—Linda S., California

Donna F., Minnesota
A life saver!
“Gluco Harmony is great!!! I love it. It’s the only one I have found that keeps my blood sugar in balance. And boy, is that a life saver.”
—Donna F., Minnesota
Leonore B., Hawaii
Gift from heaven!
“I have such a hard time keeping away from sugar. Everything seems to contain sugar and the popular sugar substitutes are not healthy. I have type II diabetes. When I took Gluco Harmony, my sugar levels became normal. It was a gift from heaven!”
—Leonore B., Hawaii


How are results like this possible? Because Gluco Harmony gives you what no other natural blood sugar lowering formula offers, as you’ll see on the next page…


Oralia V

“Best product I’ve ever used to control my blood sugar!”
— Oralia V.

Dodge the bullet of prediabetes with nine unique blood sugar lowering secrets in one!

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic and Chinese natural doctors have used the exclusive ingredients found in Gluco Harmony to conquer high blood sugar problems.

For the first time, these powerful nutrients, herbs and minerals—now proven by modern science—are available to you…

  • Bitter melon: Tropical fruit grown in Africa and Asia, helps re-activate your pancreatic cells so they make more insulin. Proven in nearly 100 in vivo studies to enhance cells’ uptake of glucose and to power up the effect of insulin.
  • Pterocarpus marsupium: Only herb ever found to regenerate beta cells that produce insulin in your pancreas. Helps lower high fasting blood sugar over 60 points without any side effects.
  • Gymnema sylvestre: Tropical plant of the milkweed family lowers A1c (glycated hemoglobin). Also known as the “sugar destroyer,” prized by natural doctors for high blood sugar relief.
  • Cinnamon: Remarkable secret from the spice cabinet that lowers A1c 124% better than “usual care” alone.
  • Banaba leaf: Favorite herb of traditional medicine used to control blood sugar and reduce A1c. Contains natural insulin-like compounds for healthy blood sugar and healthy weight loss, without dramatic changes in diet.
  • Holy basil: Prized and sacred herb of India which helps the body adapt to stress and balance blood sugar control. Also known as “King of Herbs”… lowers fasting and after meal blood sugar.
  • Curcumin: Active ingredient found in turmeric, reduces oxidative stress linked to high blood sugar. Repairs the damage excess glucose causes to small blood vessels of eyes, kidney and heart.
  • Fenugreek seeds: Rich in dietary fiber which slows absorption of sugar and helps improve blood sugar levels. Improves blood sugar elevations after meal and cholesterol levels, too.
  • Shilajit: Wonder herb of Ayurveda balances your blood sugar by carrying blood to insulin resistant cells. Plus, reduces oxidative stress which can damage organs.

Now, get control of your blood sugar and reverse the blood sugar nightmare before it’s too late… with Gluco Harmony!

Try Gluco Harmony Risk-Free!

Harvard warns food labeling “trick” can sink your blood sugar efforts.

But do this one little thing and enjoy better blood sugar!

Fat Chance Book

Eating healthy foods is vital if you want great blood sugar. But did you know many foods, even“healthy” foods, are laden with hidden sugar?

The Harvard School of Public Health warns that added sugar shows up in common food labeled as: High-fructose corn syrup… Dextrose… Lactose… Cane crystals… Molasses… Malt Syrup… Agave nectar… and more.

Sugar boosts the flavor and “mouth feel” of foods. That’s why it’s hidden in salad dressings… ketchup… canned fruits… and even some “healthy” frozen foods and granola bars.

Know how to read labels—and avoid hidden sugars like these.


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Gluco Harmony


FREE Special Report No. 3: Nature’s Alternatives to Antibiotics, a $9.95 value, yours FREE! In this report, discover…

  • Nature’s most powerful infection fighters
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Gluco Harmony

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Marita L., Maine

Great News!
“In three months my fasting blood sugar went from 140 to 105!” - Marita L., Maine

John R.,

Bring on a herd of buffalos!
“About three months ago, I tried Gluco Harmony to help normalize my blood sugar. To my amazement, it really works! I was averaging a reading of 209 a week before I started using it, and now I rarely exceed 120. I now experience more energy…have lost 6 lbs… and have eliminated brain fog. With Gluco Harmony, I feel like I could roller skate into a buffalo herd! GOD BLESS.”- John R., Missouri

No more rollercoaster blood levels!
- Hilda H., Minnesota “I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My glucose was on a roller coaster—even on insulin. Since using Gluco Harmony, my glucose levels have come down and stayed consistent in a normal range.” - Hilda H., Minnesota
Wayne A., Indiana

“Gluco Harmony is the best product I have used without a prescription.” - Wayne A., Indiana
Nancy B., California
“This is the first supplement that has made a difference in my blood sugar levels. I am very happy with Gluco Harmony.”- Nancy B., California
Warren H., Illinois
“I can truly say Gluco Harmony is the best product I’ve ever taken for high blood sugar to date. My numbers have improved remarkably well. My doctor is definitely impressed.” - Warren H., Illinois
Marian K., Indiana

“I’ve been taking Gluco Harmony, and I’ve stopped the sugar-free diet. My worries about diabetes are over.” - Marian K., Indiana
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“My blood sugar dropped from 140 to 79!”

“My blood sugar level was up to 140. But after taking Gluco Harmony for 10 days, my blood sugar dropped to 79. Your product really works!!”
- Charles J., Missouri

Earnest S., Florida “I’ve been taking Gluco Harmony for the last three months, and my blood sugar has dropped from 200 to the low 100’s. And this is without taking prescription medicines. This is the best supplement I’ve ever taken.” - Earnest S., Florida
Kathleen B., Wisconsin
“With Gluco Harmony, I’m so happy to report to you that my fasting level dropped to 90mg/dl. My doctor is very happy with my improvement.” - Kathleen B., Wisconsin

Nearly 100 studies prove the power of bitter melon

Bitter Melon

Almost 100 in vivo studies prove that bitter melon enhances your cells’ uptake of glucose… stimulates insulin release… and powers up the effect of insulin. All to help restore your body’s blood sugar control mechanism and lower fasting blood sugar.

Blood sugar 170 falls to 109 with “woody” secret!

Pterocarpus marsupium

In one clinical study, patients with blood sugar problems who took a Pterocarpus marsupium product saw their fasting blood sugar plummet over 60 points… in just three months. Amazing results without any side effects!

Try Vision Clear Risk-Free!

“My blood sugar dropped from 140 to 79!”

Over a 2% drop in A1c!
“This is my third bottle of Gluco
Harmony. My A1c was 9.4%
when I started, and now it’s 7.1%. Thanks.”
- Pecola F., Georgia

Drastically reduced A1c!
“Gluco Harmony is excellent. It reduced my A1c drastically. This helped me get my life back. I was pre diabetic, and I am normal now.” - Elaine B., Pennsylvania

Natural remedy for high A1c!
“Before taking Gluco Harmony, my A1c was 9.2%, and my doctor wanted to put me on insulin. But I asked him to give me another three months. Now, with Gluco Harmony, my A1c is 7.5%.” - Rolando O., California

Steady A1c!
“My blood sugar began to climb, but Gluco Harmony has kept my A1c steady at 5.9 or 6.2. Thanks for the chance to tell others.”
- Betty S., Ohio

Diabetes Care warns:
“7 out 10 people who have pre-diabetes will get type 2 diabetes.”

Pre-diabetes is the No. 1 sign you are at risk of getting diabetes. The build-up of sugar in your blood causes pre-diabetes. And if your blood sugar stays elevated too long, this problem can easily turn into type 2 diabetes.

Sweet secret lowers A1c 124% better than usual care


In a clinical study reported in The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 109 diabetic patients received usual care or usual care plus 1 gram of cinnamon a day. The results? Those who took cinnamon had a 124% greater reduction in A1c levels!(1)

(1)Crawford, P., Effectiveness of Cinnamon for Lowering Hemoglobin A1c in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. J Am Board Fam Med 2009

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“Even pre-diabetes can have a bad effect on your health.

“People with pre-diabetes have 1.5 times more risk of heart or blood vessel disease.”
—University of Pittsburgh Diabetes

Prevention Support Center Left unchecked, pre-diabetes can lead to a nightmare of health problems. WebMD warns: “Sugar levels and damaged blood vessels cause a multitude of complications: strokes, kidney disease, heart attacks, visual loss and more.”

No more cravings!

No More Cravings!

“My cravings for sweets are gone. I don’t drink soda or crave sweets any longer. I would recommend Gluco Harmony because it works.” —Joseph S., Ohio


FAST RESULTS! “I took Gluco Harmony for three weeks and am very pleased to find out it reduced my blood sugar.” —N.G., Missouri

“Gluco Harmony has to be the easiest way to take care of balancing blood sugar without any side effects at all. It’s worry free.” - Adam O., Mississippi

Great numbers!
“Before taking Gluco Harmony, my testing for blood sugar was anywhere from 150 to the low 200’s. After taking it, my testing has improved. It now averages between high 70’s to 130. I showed my results to my doctor and she said I could continue taking this product.” - Robert G., Massachusetts

“Having just finished the first bottle of Gluco Harmony, I received a ‘normal’ on my recent lab tests. Previously, it was on the high end of normal. I feel Gluco Harmony really does
work!” - Alexandra S., California
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At risk of pre-diabetes
due to family history?

Break the curse!

—Jan S., Montana
“Everyone in my family was diabetic by age 50. I am 64 and free of it. I believe Gluco Harmony has contributed to my being able to avoid diabetes. A great product!” —Jan S., Montana


—Belinda A., Texas
“Diabetes runs in my family—my dad, half brother and half sister all have it. I didn’t have my blood sugar tested because I was really afraid. I ordered Gluco Harmony… and when surgery forced me to have a blood test seven months later, everything was great! What a relief! Thank you Gluco Harmony!”
—Belinda A., Texas

“Diabetes is the Rodney
Dangerfield of diseases!”
—Dr. James L. Rosenweig, Joslin Diabetes Center, affiliated with Harvard Medical School

Diabetes is like the comedian Rodney Dangerfield, whose famous catch-phrase was, “I don’t get no respect.”

Some people call diabetes having “the sweet blood” or “getting sugar” and not a catastrophic health disaster.

Diabetes is not put in the same category as AIDS or cancer… yet it can produce just as devastating results. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S. What’s more, the overall risk of death among diabetics is TWICE that of non-diabetics of similar age.

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Spicy herb zaps abnormal blood sugar


Curcumin is what gives the yellow pigment to the spice called turmeric. But to natural doctors, it’s prized because it increases levels of prostacyclin(5). This is your body’s natural inhibitor of blood clots and abnormal blood sugar.

(5)Arzneim Forsh 36:715-7 1986

Nutrition Research: Fenugreek boosts blood sugar control


In an open study(6) of 60 people with blood sugar problems, those taking 25 g per day of fenugreek seed experienced significant improvements in overall blood sugar control, blood sugar elevations after a meal and cholesterol levels.

(6)Sharma, RD, et al. Nutr Res 1996:16:1331-1339

Allergic to prescription

“I am allergic to prescription meds for blood sugar. Gluco Harmony came to the rescue. It keeps my blood sugar in control.” - Irene O., Indiana

Nurse swears by it!
“I’m a nurse, and I’ve never seen a prescription medication work as well as Gluco Harmony.”
-Lee S., Georgia
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Astound your doctor with
great blood sugar numbers

Doctor ecstatic!
“I’ve always had a higher than normal blood sugar. But recently my numbers have elevated enough to cause alarm and the medications were not working. Since taking Gluco Harmony, my blood sugar numbers lowered to an acceptable level. I’m very happy with the results and so is my doctor.” —Alma P., California

Doctor amazed!
“Gluco Harmony really helped my sugar levels a lot. My sugar has always been high. My medication was increased to 1,000 mg a day. After taking Gluco Harmony my medication has been cut in half to once a day. My doctor was amazed.” —Linda C., Illinois


Doctor impressed!
“I have used Gluco Harmony since 2007. My doctor says my numbers are better than his.”
—Catherine W., Philadelphia

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Wonder mineral of Ayurveda balances your blood sugar


Besides a unique array of herbs and nutrients, Gluco Harmony also includes Shilajit, also known as mineral pitch. It has been widely used to treat blood sugar problems because it carries blood sugar into insulin resistant cells. Plus it reduces oxidative stress, which can damage organs in out-of- control-blood-sugar cases.

Centers for Disease Control warns:
“If current trends continued unabated, one fifth to one third of all Americans will have diabetes by the year 2050.”

The numbers are staggering. If this ominous forecast comes true, then by 2050 as many as 110 million Americans will be plagued with diabetes. No wonder medical experts consider it a “growing epidemic”!

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Every wonder what it is about high glucose that leads to pre-diabetes or worse? High blood sugar increases harmful molecules called Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs). Your body sees AGEs as “cellular junk,” and most people clear them out through urine. But diabetics have 10 times as many AGEs as non-diabetics. And too many AGEs damage blood vessels, kidney, eyes and the heart.

Blood sugar bliss with Gluco Harmony!

Don’t know what I’d do without it!
“I have been using Gluco Harmony for three months now and don’t know what I would do without it. It helps normalize my blood sugar levels naturally and I have more energy than before.”—Lisabeth M., Maryland

Less cravings!
“I’m using Gluco Harmony to try to counteract
pre-diabetes symptoms. I have less dry mouth and less craving for sweets!”—Terrie W., Pennsylvania


What a difference!
“I appreciate having natural products like yours. I believe Gluco Harmony helps keep my blood sugar at a normal level. It made a definite difference. Thank you.”—Joy R., Idaho

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“Take the great glucose challenge and END your blood sugar worries!”

Dear Friend,

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As you’ve read, Gluco Harmony has done
miracles for thousands of people battling
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  1. Take your glucose reading now.
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I’m confident that Gluco Harmony will help you enjoy…

  • Lower fasting blood sugar at your next check-up
  • Lower A1c (glycated hemoglobin)
  • Reduced after-meal blood sugar numbers
  • Less fatigue and sluggishness
  • Less cravings for sweets and carbs
  • Less raging hunger
  • Reduced blood sugar swings
  • Less pain and tingling in toes and feet

Now, you know why I call Gluco Harmony “The End of High Blood Sugar” Formula.

Even better…

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